Cavi-Lipo Kansas City

Cavi-Lipo provided by Dr. Steve Anderson of Active Chiropractic is giving Kansas City patients a non-invasive solution for Body Sculpting & Fat Reduction,
 Skin Firming all in one treatment. With the latest and most innovative technology, Cavi-Lipo can provide instantaneous results in one thirty to 40 minute session without any pain or post-treatment downtime.

Fat Loss Body Contouring

Cavi-Lipo for Kansas City patients that want to reduce inches, fat and cellulite.


How Does Cavi-Lipo Work?

Cavi-Lipo is performed by a knowledgeable and thoroughly trained specialist at Active Chiropractic using Ultrasound Cavitation with gentle therapeutic body shaping techniques to breakdown unwanted fat cells. One Cavi-Lipo session utilizes thirty minutes per area to release fat and is then metabolized through the liver and the body’s natural toxin cleansing process. Impressive changes in fat reduction and body contouring can be seen in the first Cavi-Lipo session, but for the best possible results, a series of Cavi-Lipo sessions are recommended.

Cavi-Lipo Benefits

Not only does Cavi-Lipo produce impressive results in the first session, but also has many other instant health and wellness benefits including:  

  • Fat and Cellulite Reduction.
  • Lose Inches.
  • Body Sculpting and Contouring.
  • Firming and Toning.
  • Smoothing of Wrinkles, Stretch Marks and Unwanted Fine Lines.
  • Lymphatic Drainage.
  • Increased Circulation.
  • Detoxification.
  • Increased Self-Esteem and Confidence.
  • Gentle relaxed warming massage-like treatment.
  • Quick and easy sessions.
  • Friendly and Quality Trained Professionals Performing Cavi-Lipo.
  • No surgery, no needles, no pain, no post-treatment recovery.

Cavi-Lipo Candidates

Cavi-Lipo is great for Kansas City women and men who want to reduce fatty deposits in common problem areas such as: neck, arms, thighs, belly, hips, buttocks, etc. Any healthy adult with any level of physical fitness can be a candidate for this advanced and efficient system for fat reduction. Cavi-Lipo may contribute greater and better long-term results to those that follow a healthy lifestyle with the daily recommended amount of physical exercise, water, and a healthy diet during Cavi-Lipo treatment periods.

Is Cavi-Lipo Safe?

Cavi-Lipo, provided at Active Chiropractic, has been approved by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) for use in the US. Cavi-Lipo technology is one of the most efficient and advanced non-invasive treatment that has produced significant results for the reduction of cellulite and adipose (fat) tissue.

Not only does the FDA approve Cavi-Lipo, but Dr. Anderson of Active Chiropractic has seen first hand how Cavi-Lipo has helped hundreds of people achieve the body they’ve always wanted and worked hard for, including himself. See the below images for astonishing before and after results from two of our Cavi-Lipo patients!


Husband and Wife, Cavi-Lipo results after 4 sessions

Cavi-Lipo is a revolutionary non-invasive alternative to achieve fat and cellulite reduction the quick and easy way without undergoing liposuction surgery. Rest assured, Cavi-Lipo is the simple solution to once and for all get rid of those unwanted and annoying problem areas!  With one session of Cavi-Lipo, you can visibly see fat reduction and be on your way to better confidence and the quality of life you deserve! If you or someone you know would benefit from Cavi-Lipo or you want more information, call our friendly office today at 816-436-8200 to set up a Consultation with Dr. Steve Anderson, Active Chiropractic.

The 24 Day Challenge with Active Chiropractic

Lose Inches, Lose Weight, Start Feeling Great!

Want to lose 10 lbs or shape-up before swimsuit season? Sign up for The 24 Day Challenge and compete to win a cash prize from Active Chiropractic in Kansas City! The prize starts at $200 and for every 10 people that join the prize goes up by $100. The last contest we held had a grand prize of $800!


The Kansas City Active Chiropractic 24 Day Challenge Contest begins on May 14th, 2013 at 12:01am. Order your 24 Day Challenge bundle from your Active Chiropractic Advocare representative or contact us prior to May 13th, 2013. On May 13th at 6:00pm we will be holding a weigh-in at Active Chiropractic to kick-off the 24 Day Challenge. If you’re out of state or cannot make the meet, no worries, we can have your 24 Day Challenge pack shipped right to your door! However, you will need to video call in with one of our reps to ensure 100% accuracy and honesty with Active Chiropractic’s 24 Day Challenge contest!

What is the 24 Day Challenge?
The 24 Day Challenge is a nutrition guided program that gives your body the healthy start it needs to achieve your wellness and weight-loss goals. You can also customize your program to get the specific results you want. There are options to focus on weight management, energy, overall body composition, or overall wellness and health. Best results are achieved through following the recommended guidelines that include exercising and clean eating. Pricing depends on which option and what your goal is for your personalized 24 Day Challenge.

What to Expect
The24DayChallengeAdvocareThe 24 Day Challenge conveniently provides a cleanse, separated supplements by meal, meal replacement shakes, nutrition recommendations, meal options and guidelines, all bundled together to make it easy for those on the go. If you already perform physical activity regularly, the 24 Day Challenge will significantly improve your strength and endurance to build your fitness level and achieve more dramatic results. If you do not regularly exercise, the 24 Day Challenge will assist you with a jump-start beginning to your new lifestyle as a healthier you!

How It Works
The 24 Day Challenge is broken up into two phases, the Cleanse Phase and the Max Phase. The first 10 days focus on ridding the body of toxins and contaminents during the Cleanse Phase. The Max Phase, days 11-24 are focused on building strength and fueling the body to produce maximum results. The average person that completes the 24 Day Challenge with a 90% accuracy loses 10 lbs and/or 10-12 inches.

After The 24 Day Challenge

The entire program is designed to help you reach your ideal weight and strength. The Cleanse is recommended every 90 days, but the Max Phase is recommended to be continued following The 24 Day Challenge. There are also many other options of nutrition enhancements at Active Chiropractic to support your healthy lifestyle. The 24 Day Challenge, like anything else focusing on the body, is never “one and done”. To maintain and improve your performance, health and fitness level, it is highly recommended to continue utilizing the customized program by Active Chiropractic and Advocare accompanying eating healthy and regular exercise.

Commit and Get Fit
Kansas City Chiropractor
, Dr. Steve Anderson and friendly staff are dedicated to assisting you in your health and wellness goals. Thousands of people have experienced success on the 24 Day Challenge! Get started on your wellness and weight loss journey with Active Chiropractic! Even if you do not want to compete in our contest, but want more information on The 24 Day Challenge and other Advocare products, or to set up an appointment please call our office at 816-436-8200 or message us!

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Now Offering Massage Therapy!

We are excited to announce that Active Chiropractic now offers deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, and trigger point massage therapy! Welcome Stacey Fisher to the Active Chiropractic staff!

Please call and schedule your massage appointment today!

Partnering with New House

We are offering a Chiropractic Exam, Consultation and X-Rays (if needed) for a $20 dollar donation to New House. It is a shelter for abused women that allows them have a new beginning. Please pass this on to anyone you know that would like to get Chiropractic treatments and help a great cause. This offer will run through April 2012.